George Buchanan Scottish Band Title George Buchanan Scottish Ceilidh Dance Band

Planning a wedding ceilidh ?

Organizing a reeling party or Burns supper ?

Looking for corporate entertainment ?

Fixing a fundraiser ?

Thinking of a birthday bash ?


It is as easy as ... ONE TWO THREE ...

        ... and you have already taken the first step:


1. Find the ideal band.

2. Read on and decide for yourself :

In mansion, marquee, ballroom or barn our exciting music has been swinging dancers for over a generation. Playing together professionally over many years has given us considerable experience in generating just the right atmosphere; you won’t hear more exhilarating Scottish ceilidh music this side of Hadrian’s Wall.

Complete beginners, accomplished reelers and those who remember a bit from schooldays are all guaranteed to enjoy the fun of ceilidh assisted by the expert directions of our popular caller and bandleader, George Buchanan. ( view and listen to our list of dances )

We have a great range of traditional Scottish dances and an enormous selection of beautiful Scottish tunes, old and new; in addition we are pleased to play quicksteps, foxtrots and waltzes on request. A CD player is available for the occasional disco session or that special wedding tune.

George will happily provide testimonials on request.

3. Contact George :

For availability or an informal chat:
Tel: 01453 833016

Popular dates in the diary fill up quickly so do make enquiries as early as possible.

Some FAQs :

How much do you charge?
The three of us make a big professional sound and our bandleader is also the caller so you get unbeatable value. Price is governed by various factors such as distance, time of performance; weekends are invariably in demand but an event on Monday to Thursday will be cheaper. Be pleasantly surprised when you ask George.

Ceilidh in full swing

Will you walk through the dances?

What is the form of the evening?
Of course every occasion is different and our caller will consult the host; dancing is not compulsory and a happy convivial atmosphere is always the aim. Dances will be selected according to ability and preference and interspersed with comfortable breaks.

Can I use the microphone for speeches and announcements?
Yes, you have the use of our public address system.

How far are you prepared to travel?
Anywhere. However the band is based in Gloucestershire so we particularly welcome engagements in London and the South East, the South West, the Midlands and Welsh borders.

Can we do the Reel of the 51st Division Aberdonian style?
Yes we can.

Haste ye back

See and hear our list of dances